Standard Valet

from £35*


  • Pre-wash snow foam

  • Scratch-free contact wash

  • Alloys, tyres and arches cleaned

  • Microfibre towel dried

  • Tyres dressed


  • Interior vacuumed

  • Dash and centre console dusted 

  • Door panels cleaned

  • Interior glass cleaned

  • Deodorised


Small - £35 e.g. Ford Fiesta

Medium - £40 e.g. BMW 1 Series

Large - £45 e.g. Audi A4

X-large/SUV - price variable, please contact us for details. 


Additional services can be added to a standard valet. 

*Above charge is based on a small city car and will vary depending on both vehicle size and condition. Additional charges may apply if heavy soiling or excess pet hair is present.